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Castellano: Destino


Genre: Historic Novel
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 520

A fascinating historic novel that reveals the secrets of the triaca: a natural remedy capable of healing any illness.

During the XV century, the world is changing, but medicine is still stuck in the old theriac way stablished in the Classical Antiquity. However, there are both men and women searching new ways of healing the body and the soul, who test alchemistic formulas to achieve the philosopher stone or the elixir of the eternal life. Often, they are seen as demented or wizards, and Magí Surroca is one of them. On the other hand, Beatriu, a rebellious and unfriendly young woman, tries with great difficulties to get out of the stigmatization. Just the power of love and friendship, the absolute surrender to an ideal will allow them to achieve an authentic, full of liberties and fullness life.

Two destinies marked by the boldness of opposing to the stablished power and the values of an era. A fight filled with hope, poetic, vital and scientific at the same time in a thrilling novel that introduces the instant in which the huma being starts being the centre of all the things.

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