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castellano: Libros del Atril


Genre: Romantic
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 320

Time has gone by and Koram, under the tutelage of Anpu, has been through a magical ritual to become a Nagual. His days pass between old documents, the advices of the Egyptian and herbal studies, although there is something that constantly affects his attention: the love he feels since long ago for Citalli, the daughter of Manon and Lycaón, who has become a very beautiful Pure. However, the female has always viewed Koram as an elder brother and she can’t understand why he rages when he presumes that she has a relationship with a handsome Pure member of the Pack. Meanwhile, the Lico race is being attacked by different groups of humans’ wolf-hunters who seem to be coordinated. Besides, another organization, the Society, has begun its activities fighting them back effectively.

Following the orders of Varulf, Anpu begins his research on the outskirts of Rinkeby where he finds Shemei, a human turned into Original, who was the cause of a terrible and secret deed that torments the Egyptian. Shemei assures that she has escaped from that Society and that she had been horribly tortured because of what happened. But Anpu doesn’t believe a single word of her seductive lying lips that, in the past, betrayed the deep love he felt for her.

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