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castellano: La Galera
francés: Hachette
alemán: Loewe
ruso: Eksmo
croata: Znanje
brasileño: Record
alemán: Gulliver


Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 367

Christian is 16 years old, and since the dead of his twin brother, he’s distanced himself from her classmates and family. He spends his time alone, reading poetry and listening to sad songs in his iPod in the cemetery of Teià.

One afternoon, when the sun is setting in the graveyard, he sees approaching two girls and one boy, all dressed in black. They wear a violet flower on their lapel and their faces are covered in white. The newcomers threaten him and try to scare him away, but Christian faces them. Impressed by their reaction, the young foreigners introduce themselves as Alexia, Lorena and Robert.

In a conversation at candlelight, they reveal to him that they’ve created a secret order, RETRUM, which meets at graveyards with a dark goal…

Whomever wishes to join them will have to undertake a challenge: spend all night alone at the cemetery. Inspired by his readings and the sinister songs that accompany his life, Christian accepts passing the test the following night.

After overcoming the most fearful night of his night, Christian will progressively surrender himself to the strange games of ‘the pale order’, as the quartet likes to call themselves, while Alexia starts to become in more than a friend to him. But as an old Arabic proverb says: ‘Whoever calls repeatedly to the door, ends up entering’…

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