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castellano: Viceversa
alemán: Arena


Topic: Young
Number of pages: 400

“With the last handful of ground you throw inside this well, you will also seal the Book of Creation, and your eyes will not ever lay on their shadows. Kuril’s House will extinguish and, with it, the art of riding the wind. Kneeling down, the proud magical race will be humiliated in front the humans; its cities will be razed, its magic persecuted, its tattoos forgotten.

The twilight of clans will go on until the arrival of the fifth dynasty, the last lineage of the medu’s kings. The first monarch of this stock will get the clans back to their lost glory. And just then, the Book shall be opened again”.

Many things have changed since Erik died in the Holy Cavern. Jana is in Venice and the magic has spread around the world, among humans and the clans. Jana will get entangled in a net of swindles and will have to balance her ambition and her love for Álex.

Profecía is the second book of the trilogy Tatuaje written by the praised authors Ana Alonso and Javier Pelegrín. Go again deep into their fantastic universe of magic, adventures and feelings.

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