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What is top secret in Spain and what is not so in the black hand from the USA? Was the CIA implied in the attempt against Carrero Blanco, in Franco’s succession, in the Spanish 23-F? Are the US fiddling with the politics and destiny of Spain ever since the Cuba War Of Independence and up to the Irak conflict? Is this country, or was it, or would it be Europe’s Puerto Rico? Or is this country the anti-American reserve in the West to pin the blame on centuries of inner demons and paranoia? How much truth is there and how much urban myth in the thorny and complex (and always fascinating) relationship between Franco and Nixon, Gonzalez and Reagan, Aznar and Bush? What do we have ahead of us with Obama now? Is it what we expect?

Anna Grau has written this book halfway between New York, where she is a correspondent for newspaper ABC, and Madrid. Her investigation has lead her to reach the bottom of the files where the ultimate official secrets of the empire are kept, and to intertwine the versions of the deep throats from both continents. She has been able to confirm through more than two independent sources (as required by “The Washington Post”) that truth is always stranger than fiction, by far.

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