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catalán: La Galera
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Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Topic: Young
Number of pages: 312

Jesper is a teenager that lives with his bankrupt father in a motor-home in the slums of Madrid. There, he shares the boredom with his friend Birdy who introduced him to old science fiction movies and hipster fashion. One afternoon, while walking around a tacky market, they find an odd bar called Øbliviøn, full of young people that talk and dress like if they were from a different planet. There, Jesper will meet Yaiza, who will explain to him that love is an extraterrestrial virus. After having the most exciting and weird night of his life, Jesper will try to return to Øbliviøn, but he doesn´t find it anymore. Even worse, Birdy tells him that he has never been there because that afternoon in the market, he passed out and Birdy had to carry him back home.

When he has finally accepted that the afternoon he remembers was a delirium, he finds a silver envelope with the word Øbliviøn written on it. Inside, a type scripted paper informs him that he will only find what he is looking for if he truly falls in love.

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