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Genre: Education-Family
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 272

Niños descansados, niños felices is a practical guide to teach your children good habits at home, to go to bed happy and wake up well rested.

All parents and caregivers know that if children don’t rest well, they won’t be prepared to face the following day’s challenges: it will be hard for them to pay attention in class, they won’t enjoy the activities, and their lack of appetite may hinder the whole family. All children need their hours of rest, as well as routines and simple habits that satisfy their physical and emotional needs. They learn how to study, eat healthy food, perform hygiene practices, while we have to help them also relax before going to sleep, so they do it willingly. This is a practical and simple book that shows how the hours previous to sleeping time can be happier for everyone. And it teaches us that a child who keeps a few good habits and clear routines at home is a happier child — a child who goes to bed and gets up happy and eager to face the day. This book promises a more peaceful coexistence for the whole family.

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