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The Good Luck

Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 128

Zenith publishes the biggest Spanish publishing phenomenon in the last years, with more than 4.000.000 copies sold, The Good Luck has now a special edition with an unpublished text from the authors.

Long time ago, in a remote kingdom, Merlin called all the knights and said: «I have been told that in The Enchanted Forest, in the next seven nights, the Magic Clover will be born. It’s a unique four-leaf clover that will provide an unlimited luck to the person who owns it». The knights knew that it was almost impossible to find a little clover in such a big forest. Then, who is going to accept the challenge?

This is how the legend of “The Good Luck” begins, a book that is extraordinary inspiring and positive: it’s tale through which the keys of The Good Luck and the prosperity are revealed. It’s message is about the ability that each person has to build their own destiny, a message that is more up to date than ever, and it’s simple but powerful philosophy resonates in the readers of all ages and cultures.

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