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castellano: Espasa Calpe
rumano: Humanitas


Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages:

Decades ago, after the signature of the Global Ecology Pact, which prohibited the use of paper and wood, Verne has only known digital books, apart from a few examples in a museum.

The sadness and frustration of never having declared his feelings for Moira, the love of his life, fills the vacuum of his existence. Employed as an engineer on the first hotel complex on the Moon, the 384,000 kilometres of separation now makes it impossible for them.

Apart from a few emails in which they share a platonic love, every time he looks at the Moon, he feels that has wasted half his life being friends with Moira without having tried to be happy.

All his attempts to be hired by the Exovillage, as they call the first hotel complex on the Moon, come to nothing despite him falsifying his cv as an experienced waiter.

Resigned to a life of loneliness and emptiness, one day he receives a call from the Exovillage offices in Geneva to take part in the selection process. Against all odds, he is accepted as a new employee for the lunar colony and sent without delay to the launch base on the island of Palau.

However, once on the Moon, he finds that nothing is as he imagined.

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