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Hotel Metropole

Genre: Crime fiction
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 225

A spy thriller based on the real 20th century story of the CIA and women during the Cultural Cold War.

When his flight is overbooked, Manuel Servera, a young writer from Mallorca, is forced to spend New Year’s Eve of 1989 at Hotel Metropole. He will meet Ms. Katharina Fürst, who on that very special night of 1942 managed to travel to the United States carrying vital information: a list of Nazi spies of capital importance to the Allies. Thus, the young writer discovers a whole unknown world in which this hotel in the heart of Lisbon becomes a nest of Nazi and Allied spies and Jews who hoped to escape Europe, as Portugal remains neutral In World War II, and Ms Fürst is a coveted asset for all. The novel invites us to dive into contemporary history as well as shedding light on the role of the CIA and women spies in the so-called Cultural Cold War.

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