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castellano: Penguin


Genre: Young Adult Novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 251

«Don’t you know? It’s going to be a year since the King made his calling and all members of The Round Table are trying their hardest to find the Holy Grail! No one wants to give up the hope of being the chosen one. Gaway, Erec, Enid, Laudine, Lance himself… They say that even the queen has gone out to find it!»

The Holy Grail threatens the fragile equilibrium of Britannia, and the veil is plagued by prodigies who blur the borders between reality and fiction: from the green knight to Salomón’s ship or the sword of the Strange Tahalí. Arthur, Lance and Gwenn are going to be involved in the hunt of the mysterious object, but the grail knows the best kept secrets of the queen… and seems ready to use them in order to keep its power.

If you were hooked on to ‘Game of thrones’, if you loved ‘The hunger games’, if ‘The lord of the rings’ is your after-dinner book…

‘Britannia’ is your saga!

Embark upon the tale of an epic story, magic and full of adventures that are going to carry you to unique places and times, where courage and wit were fundamental to save life and honor.

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