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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 192

Grandes Contras Collection includes a careful selection of the best interviews of La Contra section of the newspaper La Vanguardia organized around three topics: everything hidden in the human mind, how can we experience wise love and what is the way to the pursuit of happiness.

The characteristic style of these journalists of La Vanguardia, Victor Amela, Ima Sanchís y Lluís Amiguet, permeates the entire book and permits a privileged access to the interviewee. Through these dialogues with outstanding personalities, the reader will be able to discover, among other issues, what the therapist Sergio Sinay understands by wise love, how Eduard Punset achieves his welfare or everything Óscar Marín knows about the brain.

The three journalists have updated the interviews in order to explain the context within which they were done and facilitate a better comprehension to the current reader. 

In this volume:

Acarín, Nolasc  –  Alonso Puig, Mario  –  Brofman, Martin  –  Campayo, Ramón  –  Campbell, Murray  –  Castilla del Pino, Carlos  –  Chopra, Deepak  –  Conniff, Richard  –  Cury, Augusto  –  Cyrulnik, Boris  –  Damásio, António  –  Dennett, Daniel  –  Dispenza, Joe  –  Estrade, Patrick  –  Fernández-Vidal, Sonia  –  Figueras, Albert  –  Gardner, Howard  –  Glimcher, Paul  –  Goleman, Daniel  –  Grinder, John  –  Grof, Stanislav  –  Haier, Richard J  –  Jodorowsky, Alejandro  –  Jodorowsky, Cristóbal  –  Jornet, Kilian  –  Klein, Stefan  –  Levi-Montalcini, Rita  –  Lipton, Bruce  –  Losier, Michael  –  Macknik, Stephen  –  Magistretti, Pierre  –  Marín, Óscar  –  Markram, Henry  –  Nardone, Giorgio  –  Nash, John Forbes   –  Robinson, sir Ken  –  Rubia, Francisco J  –  Sandi, Carmen  –  Servan-Schreiber, David  –  Slovic, Paul  –  Tolle, Eckhart  –  Trujillo, Manuel  –  Van Lommel, Pim  –  Viñals, Edgar  –  Wilczek, Frank.

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