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Genre: Self-help and coaching
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 192

Who are you? What do you fear? Why do you always react the same way when you are face to face with adversity? What do you really need in order to find balance? Bearing in mind the conditioning social and cultural factor that prevails, you look for the answers to this and other questions asking external reality. However, when you are obsessed with those things that don’t depend on you, you feel lost, confused. Now is the time to change this. This book serves as a mirror in order to find what you are looking for in your inner self.

In “Encantado de conocerme”, Borja Vilaseca explains what the Eneagrama is and how does it work. The Eneagrama is an effective tool that can help to know you better.

Through this manual about human condition you can understand the reasons and consequences of your personality, to promote your emotional intelligence and improve your relationships. Not in vain, in order to connect with others you have to connect with yourself.

Behavioural tendencies that the Eneagrama describes, based on nine mental models, can help you to know why you are the way you are as well as discover the person you could become. This means that you can learn to how to own your mind and thoughts. Beyond your personality, the contact with your real essence allows you to become a better you.

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