Genre: Non Fiction
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 198

Loving what we do is the secret to achieve great achievements in life, and for that it is necessary to know which is our passion and our genius. No one is good at everything, but everyone is great at doing something, because all of us have an especial gift that makes us unique. To discover and develop that something especial is the purpose of this book. Because to unfold all your potential and offer it to the world, first you need to know which type of genius are you. You need to know your “geniotipo”.

After ten years researching about human talent with experts of multiple disciplines, Tony Estruch presents the revolutionary theory of the geniustips, a self-knowledge tool made to mark a new era in the world of personal development. To find our geniustip, we must identify our innate abilities, and this book, with numerous practical examples, stories and quizzes, shows us all the keys to achieve it.  With this, we will learn to develop at its fullest our abilities and we will not only achieve with success our purpose in life in the personal and professional areas, but we will also be able to better understand our family, friends, and colleagues. With a simple, direct and inspirational style, Tony Estruch shows us that we do not need to do anything especial to become geniuses; just discover and feed what we already are.

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