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Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 230

A meteorologist and a plane’s captain are, likely, the two persons that know best the sky and all its phenomena and how they affect us, either with our feet on the ground or on a plane. Francesc Mauri, meteorologist and weather man of TV3 and Jordi Martín, plane’s pilot and huge fan of photography from heights, will take us closer to the sky and all its secrets. From a privilege window as it is the cockpit of a plain, we will be able to see storms, fogs, stunning landscapes or we will understand better what a turbulence is. All this with a new perspective that will allow us to know how the world around us works: how the climate change transforms landscape, the light pollution or the new sources of energy.

An entertaining and enjoyable book with spectacular photos, El tiempo visto desde el cielo (The weather observed from the sky) will introduce us to meteorological phenomena plus the explanations and anecdotes of a pilot that narrates how weather affects a plane. Revealing information that will change our way of looking at the sky and stepping on a plane. What is the relation between the ambient temperature and our luggage getting lost in an airport? Why does the skin get stuck to the bath curtain? Those are some of the questions that find their answer in climate and meteorological answers. The meteorology seen and explained as never before: the weather observed from the sky.

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