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castellano: Suma de Letras


Genre: Young Adult Novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 386

‘Why am I tied up?’, asked Gwenn. ‘Where is Arthur?’

A feminine head bended on top of hers. Against the light, she could figure out a young and kind face.

‘Who is Arthur?’, asked the woman, ‘Your boyfriend? A relative?’

‘Arthur is my husband, and King of Britannia’, replied Gwenn with all the strength she could muster. The silence that followed her words felt strange. And more so, the whispers that came after.

‘What’s going on?’, she managed to say, ‘It isn’t advisable to plot openly in front of the queen’.

‘Another case’, said the masculine voice, and he sighed with tiredness. ‘We should refer her to Psychiatry’.

After the union with the Grial, Gwenn’s consciousness travels to the origins of Britannia. There, she will finally understand the secret of the Avalon ladies. However, will her discoveries be useful to help Arthur with his fight against Mordred, once the final battle arrives?

If you were hooked to ‘Game of thrones’, if you loved ‘The hunger games’, if ‘The lord of the rings’ is your after-dinner book…

‘Britannia’ is your saga!

Embark upon the tale of an epic story, magic and full of adventures that are going to carry you to unique places and times, where courage and wit were fundamental to save life and honour.

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