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Genre: Biography
Topic: Non-fiction
Number of pages: 250

Amb Ulls de Nena (With Girl’s eyes) is the overwhelming diary that Encarnació Mantorell i Gil wrote during the Civil War, when she was barely a teenager. For seventy years, these documents have remained hidden in a closet in the Horta neighbourhood in Barcelona and therefore unpublished. But thanks to the work of the pedagogy researcher Salvador Domènech, they are now revealed.

The girl Encarnació was seventy years ago portrayed her everyday life on the rearguard: the lack of stock in the stores and the high prices of food, the shame of going out with shabby clothes, the euphoric moments and the pessimism arisen from the ups and downs typical from the war and the toughest moments of death, destruction and loss of her loved ones.

Encarnació still lives in Horta.

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