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Genre: Crime fiction
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 332

In Andorran a banker has been kileld and Andreu Boix, police officer, has to solve the case. In the Principat everyone is very nervous. There are tons of ​​rumors, and none are good. The Principat, reluctantly, has become the scene of a silent battle between rival intelligence services (or perhaps not so rivals) to buy, sell, invent or steal sensitive information. The survival of the small Pyrenean country, in a difficult relationship with neighboring states, hangs by a thread. Nobody is who they say they are. Boix have to travel to Madrid, remove some old papers and, above all, for the first time in his life and very reluctantly, have to act without scruples or contemplations.

“The document had a cover crumpled parchment, it was untitled, it had only a paper label taped to the back, with a number, 27, probably a topographic signature, which may indicate its place in the closet of the Six Keys.


It can not be truth. It is a bomb. A hydrogen bomb. How could it be? If you can barely read this old paper, and the person who had written it, and the person who hid it, and the person who had stolen it, they have been dead for centuries and did not pay the consequences. And I do not understand anything. “

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