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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 6 June 2019

I am very excited to write this blog because Francesc Miralles is back with another novel. LA BIBLIOTECA DE LA LUNA (the Moon Library), a wonderful book that mixes the traditional with the futuristic flawlessly. As always, Miralles is ahead in time and creates a great character, a tycoon called Kumar, who establishes the first human colony in the moon, Exovillage, for the richest ones. Verne, a linguist that works in a call center, is in love with Moira, a telecom engineer that lives in Exovillage and suffers from “space melancholy”. However, Verne manages to move to the moon to work as a librarian (the printed books were banned from Earth to avoid deforestation) and he will find texts that seek intellectual perfection. When Verne starts exploring the moon surface, he comes across a rare hermit that will become his Zen Master.

With this novel, Miralles knows how to manage, as always, two of the things that make his literature unique and special. A human story, even though it takes place in the moon, with inspirational touches that make this a perfect novel that will surely work, because in addition of a great story, provides the reader with some values  such as the conservation of paper versus the problem of deforestation, the true love and small inspirational pills that will make the reader underline the whole Miralles’ book. A learning of life that the reader carries in his backpack. Spectacular and quick to read, Miralles surprises again with his literature and that fans of his bestseller LOVE IN A LOWERCASE will not be disappointed. Thank you Francesc for making a better world with your novels, although sometimes I think we will have to move to the moon to live in peace.

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