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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 April 2016

It’s Sant Jordi again, it seems like yesterday when we celebrated Book Day 2015, and another one is already knocking on the door. What a special day! It is to lots of people, readers and those who don’t read so much, because it’s a beautiful day, filled with roses and books, where we celebrate the day of love, in high caps, the love for books, also in high caps, and even more so for those of us who work in the publishing world, which captivates and hooks us, but makes us suffer at the same time. The book process has a lot of phases, I won’t go on to explain each one of them today, but in each phase you experience different feelings that you always live intensely, at least I do. The moment an author gives you a new novel, it’s exciting, you have very high expectations, and you want to swallow it. The moment you share that reading with the author, with a cup of coffee, has it’s pros and cons, but a lot of excitement, wanting this to work, and the moment the publisher falls in love with the project, it’s just magic. I can only think about how I will tell that author who will see one of his dreams come true, one of the most beautiful parts of my job.

Another special moment is when you see the cover for the first time, when you give a face and a dress to all that amount of words that made you laugh, suffer, cry, depending on the case, and the final climax, which is the publishing of the book, and what comes later, finding the reader who will also fall in love with the project, which many people have worked hard on, with the effort, will and thrill of a dream.

So a nervous feeling in the stomach for another Sant Jordi where I’m glad to recommend our raging novelties, and ask for a favor: celebrate this day at its most, buy that book that you most feel like reading, no matter which one, because what’s important is to read. But don’t let reading be just a one-day thing, enjoy it all throughout the year because a good book is the best company in this long trip that is life, I have no doubt at all. Happy Sant Jordi to all my colleagues in the sector and to the readers who know that literature feeds.


…the history lovers

…the dreamers and the ones who are eager about every day

…the great mystery solvers

…the big adventure livers

…the realists

…the ones who want to achieve their little-huge challenges

…the one who want to get to know the international ‘best-sellers’

  • Illuminae Expediente_01 de Amie Kaufman y Hay Cristoff
  • Cartas de amor a los muertos de Ava Dellaira
  • Bajo la misma estrella de John Green
  • Magnus Chase y los dioses de Asgard de Rick Riordan

…the young readers

…the little ones at home

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