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THE RECONNECTION, a pending issue

Author: Bruno Thursday 22 October 2020

My blog’s recommendation this week is for a useful, effective, and easy book. I have been trying to listen to myself more for a long time, to make my day to day life more conscious, and one of the people who has helped me to achieve this is Anna Sólyom, friend, author and body therapist.

RBA has bet on her book entitled RECONNECT WITH YOUR BODY where Anna gives you guidelines to listen to your body’s signals, which are very clear indicators of what is happening to you and what you are experiencing. Everything you experience, think and feel is manifested in your body in the form of pain, stiffness, cramps and blockages, or a general feeling of fatigue. Which of you has not had any of these symptoms at some time? Do you know how to interpret them? If you learn to read these signs that your body sends you, you will discover the most powerful instrument to free yourself from everything that overloads you. Your body will be a map that reveals both the problem and the solution. As Francesc Miralles says in the book’s epilogue: Your body is your true home and we spend half our lives turning our backs on it, we consider it a mere container. To avoid it, Anna teaches you through simple guidelines how to take care of it and how by listening to it you can fix those discomforts that we carry as routine and that in the end have a logical explanation just by looking inside. This is a book to recover the corporal conscience and with it the reconnection with your body. All our emotions are reflected in the body and Anna presents it to us in this book in a clear way so that we can all apply it in our daily life. A book for all of those who want to take care of themselves, who want to discover and reconnect with themselves. It does not cost anything to try it, so I encourage everyone to read and try it, it will not leave you indifferent.

Thank you, Anna, for this book that is a break from all the hustle and bustle.

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