Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 9 December 2021

Another year has passed, the month of December, Christmas, and our solidarity campaign LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA is back for the eight consecutive year. There have been years where I have been tempted to throw in the towel, not because of a lack of interest, but because it is not easy to ask people to solidary. Also, we must understand that it is not anyone’s duty to be solidary, and chase after people to collaborate is an arduous work that needs its time, a very valuable thing, at least in my life, and which every time I manage it worse, because I would need my day to be not only 48 hours, but 72. Life does not stop, work either, and this solidary challenge is greater every time.

It is true that every year we put bar higher to be able to help more kids, this year we want to achieve 1,500 meals, that for a lot of kids will be the only hot meal of the day, but to accomplish this, we must earn 4,500 euros. Last year it was difficult to reach 3,000 euros, but we made it, with a lot of tenacity, but it was not easy, since like what I said, solidarity must not be and obligation, it must be a feeling. Because of this, one of the reasons of this campaign was to demonstrate that the editorial world not only receives, but it also gives. It looks like we are known to just ask, to always complain, and my idea was to show the world that it is not true, because culture has always been solidary in one way or another. LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA intends to be another way to show the solidary face of the cultural world and to firmly believe that life is giving and receiving, which I have always believed and have tried to apply in all the aspects in my life.  Never have I thought of giving only for the porpoise of receiving something in return, but I do believe that the universe takes care of making the path bidirectional for those who deserve it.

I am not ashamed to share with us that I am one of those who believe in the universe, in the stars and the magic of Christmas, and it is because of this that I ask you to look inside you and if you also feel it, you help us achieve this solidary challenge another year, and that any children is left without a hot meal a day, since it is already sad that there are kids that can only count on this. The link for helping us is this: . The deadline is the 30th of January of 2022, so do not think too hard, click o the link, enter and contribute the amount that you want. The important thing is being able to do something for others. We all spend money in things that we do not need, do not avoid this and let’s do an investment in helping families that can not give their children what should be the minimum.

I want to thank the authors of the agency that have3 helped us make a little gift for those who collaborate in this year’s campaign. 12 videos with 12 advices to have a great 2022. From the non-fiction authors, who with their books can help us be better, Anna, Solyom, Álex Rovira, Cristina Benito, Dr. Eduard Estivill, Ferran Cases, Francesc Miralles, Gabriel García de Oro, Gaspar Hernández, Meritxell García, Nacho Mülhenberg, Sara Teller, Sonia Rico y Tony Estruch, you will have 12 very simple advice that will for sure give you the guideline to live better, happier, and fuller. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for your solidarity.

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