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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 25 January 2018

Being an agent is always trouble, I am not going to lie. Being in between two sides is not an easy work, and if you add to this we are in the business world, it gets even worse. The journey of my life lead me to this profession without even realizing. A profession in which you can only learn by doing, a profession in which, I think, you can never learn everything about it since there is always something left to surprise you. We are always compared with art traders and footballer representatives, which may have trouble too, and in that sense I don’t envy them at all, although for other things I definitely do, for sure. And it is in Miquel Esteve’s new novel NO DEIXIS MAI DE MIRAR AL CEL published by Columna were we are introduced to dating agencies, a business which seemed to lose fame with social media but, which actually, it is in its top days.

Some may think agents may be obsolete because of technology and how fast it keeps evolving, but having by your side someone who is not a machine, someone who vibrates, someone who has feelings, pays attention, holds your hand and shares happy moments, sad moments, successes and defeats, is something technology is not able to provide, at least for now. And this is why I have loved this perfect thriller, original and very ambitious written by an author who masters language, proved in his previous novels, and now who has chosen dating agencies as the background to thrill us. A novel with rhythm, with a corpse, Inma Esparza’s corpse, who has been found dead on a bank with a note ‘’keep an eye on the sky’’ and a wedding agency card in her purse: Nirvana. A novel with an inspector: Adolfo, who, with Ester’s help, justice lawyer, are determined to solve the mystery behind Inma’s death.

The truth is that I don’t want to spoil anything about this novel that the Publisher and I have absolutely loved because of it being such an unconventional thriller. It’s got all the ingredients of a thriller, ingredients that the author has masterfully combined with some more giving the book a fresher and different tone which creates a new subgenre in thriller.  We still don’t know how to name this new style, a style which is able to capture thriller lovers and many others, that’s is why I am so confident this book will succeed. Do you want to know who Inma Esparza’s murderer is? Do you want to know which are human weak points we all have and no one admits? This is THE novel for those who love mystery but need more. Ideal to write on you Sant Jordi’s wish list.

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