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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 9 November 2017

Today I write in the blog and I don’t even know if I’ll be on time to upload it on Thursday at 12 o’clock as every week, but it’s been hard for me to focus, to feel the need to write, because these last days I’ve been feeling down. There are several circumstances that make one feel down and sometimes it’s hard to guess if there is any reason behind it or it is caused by a mix of stuff and circumstances. After three days really angry with myself, I think in my case it’s because of that accumulation of several things that I’ve wanted to say but I have left unsaid, that I’ve wanted to do but I have left undone, and I’ve gone against myself, almost without even realising, my body reacts with this sorrow.

What is going on in the streets doesn’t help either, it is a tense moment, and from my point of view, it is unfair too, although we’ve all made mistakes. And if you add to that those little moments that things don’t go on as you’d like to, or people that you appreciate don’t react the way you’d have wished, that becomes sadness. For that reason, today I want to suggest one of the books that has helped me, and that will always help me: EL MASAJISTA DE LAS ALMAS by Josecho Vizcay. The book is made up of 22 real stories of self-improvement that help us understand how important it is to communicate, speak out and get over the fears and how to know which limits we do impose to ourselves. It’s is exactly what has happened to me these days and I’ve not known how to manage.

With this great book you have an easy, clear and useful tool to improve your self-esteem, your confidence and solve conflicts that are, apparently, unsolvable. Whatever remains unsaid, rots. You’ve to know how and when to express those things you want to say. So in a moment dialogue is lacking, in my case even in the personal field, I think a book like Josecho’s can be a little drop in the middle of the desert. I hope we are on time so that this blog goes up as always, the book deserves it, and the author even more. Reading it has encouraged me to write this little piece that keeps getting tougher to write every week, but that I don’t want to give up on doing because I know it goes out there and it’s a little speaker amongst editors and friends. Thanks for finding time to follow us.

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