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Author: Bruno Thursday 11 June 2020

There are all kinds of relationships these days. From my point of view, it is not easy to maintain a lasting relationship, for that reason, I feel that the book I will talk about today is especially useful. I’m already telling you that there is no magic love potion, but there are tools that will help us enjoy our relationships more.

According to Nika Vazquez, author of TE QUIERO, ¿Y AHORA QUÉ? (“I Love You, Now What?”), everyone wants to fall in love and share the path of life with a partner. However, throughout this adventure, some obstacles may arise that will test our way of loving and our ability to love each other. There are numerous ways to strengthen this love and to continue living love intensely. Who would not want to have these tips at hand? I am sure that many of you would like to be able to feel love with the same passion as on the first day.

I thought everything had already been said about love, but Nika surprised me again with I LOVE YOU, AND NOW WHAT? No wonder, then, that we sold the title so quickly to one of the publishers that publishes the best non-fiction books. I think this book is useful and that it’s important to have Nika’s advice for when things go downhill.

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