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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 8 November 2018

Love is constantly present in our lives. I think of love in different ways. The first that comes to my mind is the love couple, but it is not necessarily the most important. When you are a mother, the love for your children is endless, as it is the love for your family, or the love for a friend, which sometimes is even more important because we choose our friends, so we shape this love the way we want, something that should also happen with our couple. However, love couple is also the most complicated but the one that inspires most of the films and books, to which I must confess that I am addicted to: I love reading a romantic novel a Sunday afternoon or watching the typical American film (yes, typical!) that tastes better with a bowl of popcorn.  Nevertheless, not all the love couples have a happy ending, as we can see in our friendship circles everyday because not everyone survives the eternal marriage: there are a lot of breakups and divorces, and we wonder why. In my opinion, I believe that we need to love ourselves first so we can love the others, and I think that many people in our society still need to learn this. For this reason, I enjoyed The temple of the heart by Lola Sorribes, her first novel after the success of De bien en mejor, also published by Urano.

This is a different novel, that surprises you, because even though it is a very inspirational novel, it is also a story that will help you to go through the pain caused by love and will guide you to find the real love. It includes 10 steps to rediscover love because, as Lola says, life surprises you and in the most unexpected moment, things fall apart. And then, when everything seems negative, you will come across extraordinary gifts and blessings.

When Patricia moves to Mexico with her husband, she cannot imagine that her wonderful life is about to collapse. Shortly after they arrive, her husband leaves her for another woman.Fury and heartbreak will kick off an everlasting adventure, both inner and exterior in the company of an unexpected guide. Along with chamanes, sacred mountains and intelligent life lessons, Patricia will start the journey toward the legendary Heart Temple, a journey that will guide her to the most sacred secret: the one hidden by her very soul.

Lola Sorribes, a writer that radiates light and positivity, writes this wonderful novel about healing, the inner search and the true love. An exciting and inspirational story with a powerful message for all the people who are willing to take the highway to their dreams, the path to the personal evolution, that are brave and are not afraid to look forward.


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