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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 19 October 2017

Every time I go on a trip without my family I feel homesick. Then, when I arrive at the destination, I feel better and I get to work. But I have never liked to leave my routine. I thought it would pass over the years, but it didn’t, it has actually gotten worse. I feel something like a knot in my stomach. I don’t like to be away from them, it’s a strange but beautiful feeling at the same time, because I have the luck of being well at home, of feeling comfortable and happy in my space and in tune with myself and the people around me.

However, when I read Diana Quan‘s book, EL PARAÍSO ES TU CASA, I realized that I could improve my comfort at home by following the advice she gives on light, harmony and order. They are simple tips to help us turn our home, which is where most of us feel the best, into an oasis where we can relax and be happy. This is a very helpful book in which Diana shares with us her Far-Eastern roots as well as  her family’s, who is still living in China, where home is always the place where you should feel good. Could we have this here in the Western world? I’m sure that this book will help many people to achieve it. Knowledge does not take up any space, and today looking for our well-being is a necessity, not a luxury, so go for it.

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