Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 2 December 2021

I have never had trouble connecting with people, on the contrary. I have always liked people, and as years go by, I realise that even if you like people, there are different frequencies between us and not all of us vibrate at the same time. Nevertheless, I have always tried to put myself in the place of the other people, in life but also in my job, in which I think it is fundamental to always know how to be in the other people’s shoes.

This book of Meritxell García shows us this: the importance of teaching the little ones empathy. We will meet Mimi, who has holed socks and her mother accompanies her to buy new ones. She picks ones with centipede drawings but what Mimi does not know is that they are magical and will allow her to put herself in her beloved ones’ shoes thanks to the children’s game of putting other people’s shoes on. What will Mimi discover about the feelings of the others around her and, even her own, thanks to the magic socks? A simple way to be able to feel what others feel in the same situation. How I wish I had those socks!!!

Empathy is the invisible thread that connects us as people, it is seeing the world with other people’s eyes. It is a value that you can teach, pass on, and therefore as parents we should try to instil our children empathy early on, like we teach them how to eat or sleep, because life with empathy will always be easier since it is a two-way path. The one who is empathic feels lucky to know how to see what others do not, and the one to receive empathy because there is someone who tries to understand them. I am sure this way we would grow up in a world a little bit better. So, I encourage everyone to read this book with the little ones at home. An ideal present for this Christmas, so that all of us can be a little bit more empathic this 2022.

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