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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 11 June 2015

I think having memories is one of the most beautiful things in life; being able to store them in memory, like a bottomless box, where you can keep things that you do not want to forget. I have many memories, mostly good, fortunately, because I try to forget the bad things, I try not to be bitter, and to learn from mistakes, not let them frozen. Therefore my magic box is almost full of good memories. Lots of them are good times with my family: summers with my grandparents, Christmas all together, family outings, moments of confessions with my siblings, the advice of my father and my mother’s hugs.

I also keep the best moments with my true friends, or the first kiss that was really important, my  first job, my son’s birth, the decision of working alone and face a world as charming as complex. I’m excited to remember all this and when I open the memory box I can still feel the smell or the feelings, as if the memory was alive. There are also sad memories, not bad ones, these I have already said that are easily forgotten, but the losses of loved ones or breaking relations that have marked you make me feel sad. It is an accepted sadness, but it still hurts. For all this, I don’t want to lose my memory ever, because I think it is a valuable treasure that makes us happier and more human.

As Joan Lluis Bozzo shows us in his book MEMÒRIES TROBADES EN UNA FURGONETA, explaining half-life of Dagom Dagoll Company, one of the most famous theater companies in the world.  The book explains many anecdotes and also the strength, friendship and enthusiasm of a group of people fighting for the same thing. In this first part of his memories Bozzo gives us all this, and also does a precise portrait of 80s Spain.

Read the first few pages (in Catalan) here.

 “Memory is the perfume of the soul” by George Sand, French writer.

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