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Author: Bruno Thursday 25 May 2023

In these times when LGTBQ literature is in demand and many young people support it, we cannot lose track of an author like Adrià Aguacil. Penguin Random House has opted for his novel ARMARIOS Y BARRICADAS where Oscar has very clear that he likes boys, but he only talks to his ex. He doesn’t feel comfortable in class, especially after what happened with his best friend. The day after he gets expelled from school, he decides to download an app to meet people. With David he discovers a vibrant intimacy and an environment in which he can finally be himself, but his incapacity to manage his emotions will play dirty tricks on him. And when it seems that nothing could go worse, he runs into a gang of ultras that will mark him forever.

“In the same way that if you put flour and wheat in the oven, you get bread, when you mix fags and neo-Nazis in a dark alley you are guaranteed to get a beating”.

This young author writes a novel where he reflects a reality that coexists with us, whether we want it or not. But he does it in a masterful way, because at only 21 years old, this writer has an unquestionable talent, and this novel is just the appetizer of much more to come.

A novel in the “new adult” style about a turbulent love, a voracious desire, and a thirst for revenge. All the ingredients for film producers to see that this is a script that would work perfectly on screen, and for publishers from other countries to discover a non-American voice that tells the story of what happens in today’s relationships, and how intolerance is still very much alive, even if we pretend it is not.  

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