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Author: Bruno Thursday 14 May 2020

This blog is special for several reasons. The first one is that, despite the pandemic we are living through, bookstores have already opened their doors and publishers are already starting to publish those new books that were stopped because of the virus. One of these new titles that finally reaches the shelves is EL MISTERI D’ARTHUR RIMBAUD (“The Mystery of Arthur Rimbaud”), by Miquel Esteve, the winner of the Mallorca Prize.

The second reason why I am happy to write this blog is to be able to dedicate it to my great friend Miquel Esteve, whom I admire a lot as a writer and as a person. EL MISTERI D’ARTHUR RIMBAUD reaffirms the talent of the author who, with a delicate subject like the forbidden poem by the great poet Rimbaud and his disappearance, manages to get the novel hooked from start to finish. 

It was said that it was an accursed poem, which travelled from France to Reus and from Reus to Móra la Nova, where it remained secretly for many years. However, all the secrets end up being discovered, even the most hidden ones. This is a novel for all audiences that, written in a sublime way, tells us about poetry and the mystery that surrounds the famous poet. Do you want to know what curse the poem hid? What did the French poet predict? Do not miss this work published by Univers, in which Miquel takes a step forward as a writer and brings us closer to the world of poetry in a simple and charming way.

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