Happiness can be found in the smaller things

Author: Bruno Thursday 12 July 2018

[Book launch: September 2018]

Reading the last Nuria Pradas’ book Contando nubes (counting clouds) has reminded me of my summers when I was a teenager, where the beach, the friendship and the laughter were the protagonists of these fifteen days I used to spend in Sant Pol, where the problems did not exist, or at least I am not able to remember them. Not only did I find true friends that I still keep, but also it became a place of first experiences: first loves, family meetings in our terrace by the sea with my parents, my siblings and my granparents that I will never forget. Moments that filled this little box in which we all keep our memories and that they are already part of our life.

Maria, the main character, decides to spend the summer with her grandmother in the little village where she used to enjoy her childhood, but now it’s different: Maria’s decision to move there is to try to get over a tragedy. With only nineteen years old, Maria had a terrible car accident in which her boyfriend lost his life and she almost did. She is now depressed and going back to that little village with her old friends will help her even more than going to theraphy, and without realizing, she will find herself in love again and counting clouds as she used to do when she was a child. However, things are not always so easy and a new conflict blows up due to a love triangle full of regrets.

The novel is extraordinary, ideal for any teenager who may feel identified with the pages of this book, and wishes to never stop counting clouds. Actually, after reading it, I will start counting clouds again from my terrace so I can connect with the most pure and real happiness, the one you feel when you are a child. Thank you Nuria for such a tender and loving story, that will move you regardless of your level or taste in reading. Once again, you proved yourself to be a great writer both for teens and adults books, and with your three novels ‘La noia de la biblioteca’, ‘Sueños a medida’ and ‘El aroma del tiempo’ you reached a loyal audience who asks for more. In my opinion, Nuria Pradas is one of the best writers nowadays, so I encourage everyone to include one of her books in your summer list. You will not regret it.










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