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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 22 September 2016

There are still ads on TV of that trip that you could not do this summer, pictures of seaside villages, succulent hotels that make me feel longing for the holidays, while autumn is already knocking hard on the door. It is beginning to get colder, the first rains have already fallen, and the day is getting shorter and shorter and the sun, looser. But that feeling of nostalgia is positive, since it means I’ve spent a great summer, which is true, and that although the fall is not my favorite season, I know that good things are coming, because life has the color of the attitude with which you live, and I chose to see it green, the color of hope. A color that transmits calm and peace, but that does not make you lose the will to fight for things, or the illusion for every little step that you can take forward. That’s why, reading Francesc Miralles‘ new novel, UN RAYO DE ESPERANZA (a ray of hope), published by Plataforma Editorial, has been the icing on the cake.


It is a beautiful novel, where the characters live sadness, because life is not always happy, but they know how to extract the beauty out of this feeling and turn it into something positive. A poetic novel that gives you the keys to get away from situations that seem to be on the edge but they are not, no matter how we feel about them. And that novel gives you that glimmer of hope that we all need ever to convince us that if we want to, we can. Haven’t you ever wondered what you would take with you to a desert island? I’m sure you did, but here the question is: WHAT WOULD YOU SAVE FROM THE FIRE IF YOU COULD SAVE SOMETHING? Complicated and simple at the same time, we do not talk about people, but of one thing, material or not. The character realizes, on the last page, what she would save, and I can only say that I cannot agree more with her but, if you can to find it out, you will have to read this novel that comes straight from the heart, a heart like Francesc Miralles’ one, and we all know that is a guarantee of humility, humanity, and that is big.

Congratulations my friend, for that new novel with which we learn to be better and stronger in a world where nothing is perfect, in which we live very good moments but also very bad and inevitable ones, in which we suffer many disappointments, especially from people you wouldn’t expect … but so is the human kind, and we have to learn to live with this saddest part of life, without forgetting, though, that the most important thing is to change things up. Because if you want, you can do it. Each step is a challenge but, without challenges we would be dead, that’s why we have to look forward and keep on with a hopeful smile that, for me, cannot have another color than green.

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