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Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 13 May 2022

August 2021. The Afghan storyteller and activist Nadia Ghulam, seeing that the Talibans are advancing in Afghanistan, begins to move to help her family.

These pages were born after conversations between Nadia and journalist Ariadna Oltra, where they talked about how she and her family have lived this last year, what she had to do to get part of her family to come to Spain and those who are living in Kabul, those who have not been able to leave. The story of a few and yet, the reality of thousands of Afghan families and others from different parts of the world.

That August, the media bombarded us with images of men falling from planes as they desperately tried to flee the occupation. Months later, no one is telling us what is happening there, nor how the people who were able to flee and those who have been sheltered in different parts of the world are doing now.

Nadia’s voice is the voice of all of them. This Afghan girl who pretended to be a boy for ten years in order to have the rights that she was denied as a woman, has been living in Barcelona since she was 16 years old. Her own objective and the one of these pages is to help the women of her country so that they can continue with their studies.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

She will not allow them to remove their past

For Valli Querol the Civil W ardid not end in 1939, but w ent on aclandestine battle in a long exile. During those y ears of s truggle, secrets and inconceivable sacrifices, Valli never lost hope of recovering that egalitarian society she dreamed. After the arrival of democracy, Valli returned to her t own, Morella, and returned to practice as a teacher, but the society that she found was far the Republican spirit which she had s truggled and old feuds between families were not forgotten.

Decades later, at the heigh t of the housing bubble , the new mayor of Morella planned sale of the old school for an as tronomical amount of money, which includes several deals that would make a casino, on floors or in a satellite center of elite Eton College, thanks to personal interest  of one of his teachers  for Morella. What they did not tell the mayor is with the opposition and the tenacity of the octogenarian Republican teacher, who will do everything possible to prevent the school from becoming a bargaining chip between corrupt politicians.

La Maestra Republicana  is the vibrant story of a woman struggling to preserve the dignity of their own past and that takes us into the impenetrable world of Eton College and the almost unknown Residence for Women, the female version of the Student Residence. Her story and the characters that relates also a metaphor of our time, political corruption and social despair in which we live, and how a fighting spirit can put them in check while restoring values of honesty and justice almost forgotten.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

One of every twenty relations begins in the Web. In only ten years, it will be one of every five, or at least this is what the specialists think. The 30% of the divorced have a ciber-love relationship as the reason of the breaking-off. Nowadays there are more and more companies whose job is seeking ciber-adulterous. And other companies try to give alibis to those who really need them in these cases… Nobody can deny that virtual love is already a growing social phenomenon. In this book we analyze every detail through many real cases that share their experience, sweet or bitter: from falling in love through a blog to ciber-sex of terrible consequences; all this told with enjoyment and sense of humour.

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