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Author: Bruno Monday 27 February 2023



Óscar tiene muy claro que le gustan los chicos, pero solo habla del tema con su ex. No se siente a gusto en clase, sobre todo despues de lo que ha pasado con su mejor amigo. Al día siguiente de ser expulsado del instituto, decide descargarse una aplicación para conocer gente.

Con David descubrirá una intimidad electrizante y un ambiente donde por fin podrá ser el mismo, pero su incapacidad para gestionar las emociones le jugará malas pasadas. Cuando parece que nada podría ir peor, se topa con una banda de ultras que lo marcarán para siempre.

“De la misma forma que si metes harina y levadura en el horno te sale pan, cuando mezclas maricones y neonazis en un callejón oscuro tienes paliza asegurada”.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

In the 1968, six girls from the working and peasant class live in a boarding school far from their homes. A boarding school which becomes an open window to the world and to the social and personal journey of every one of them. The staging one of William Shakespeare’s plays named The storm will do the rest.

The historical context (the post-war and the lasts years of the dictatorship, the may of 68, the murders in the United States of America of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam war…) will be more than a backdrop in the lives of the girls in the 305.

Six teenage girls live in the same room of a boarding school. They come from different villages of the country. It is 1968 and the world is changing. All of them come from poor families and each has left the village for different reasons, they are the first woman in their families that can study, and they know that their only chance at thrive is to use this opportunity. In the middle of the year, Angélica, their tutor, suggests staging a play: The tempest, of William Shakespeare. The character of the characters and their will melt int the interpretation. The environment in the female boarding school will mix with the social and political reality of the era: last years of the dictatorship, the French may of 68, the murders in the United States of America of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam war, the presence of soldiers in the air base, the presence of religion, the desire of freedom, the definition of the sexual identity and first loves.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

At age six, Intisar realized that boys could do much more than girls. And she didn't like like this at all. She wanted to have the same freedom to them. After thinking about it for a long time, she came up with an idea. She thought that if she spoke as a boy, walked as a boy, and acted as a boy, she would become a boy. His plan seemed to work until she was a teenager.

Now, Intisar is twenty-seven years old, and continues using many stratagems to conquer these small areas of freedom that allow you to be happy.

While driving her Corolla 84 through the streets of Saná, listening to music, Intisar shares with us some reflections and anecdotes about her life. They are surprising, funny, touching and a bit dramatic stories. Through them, we discover the hermetic world of Yemen's women and we gradually submerged in the complex reality of the country.

Book web: and book trailer


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

Winner of the Prudenci Bertrana Award 2010

Under his dark coloured turban he is conducting the morning prayer at the mosque. Everybody respects him and listens to him with attention, even though his voice sounds thin and his body is small. He is a good Muslim, generous and upright. What his friends and neighbours do not know is that under this turban there is not a young man with good influences, as they all believe, but a girl who trembles every time a Taliban approaches her, afraid that her secret will be unveiled.

El secreto de mi turbante tells the real story of Nadia Ghulam, an Afghan girl that deceived and defied the Taliban Regime. After two years hospitalised due to the wounds produced by a bomb during the civil war, Nadia meets a new order that forbids women to get a job. To help her family, she is forced to make a radical decision: to pretend being a man during ten years. An impressive real story.

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