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Author: Bruno Tuesday 8 November 2022

If the Moon affects tides, the climate shapes the traits of character and the seasons are linked to different moods… how do the stars affect our lives?

Astrology is a discipline with more than 4,000 years of known history that investigates the influence of the cosmos on us. We are all born with an astral letter, a map that can be read as a powerful tool that allows us to explore who we are, and also the cycle we are going through. In these pages, Roberto L. Saula offers you the basic tools to be able to read your own astral letter and find in astrology your life guidance guide.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 27 April 2022

Get ready to receive wonderful blessings and attract miracles into your life.

Can you imagine if you could connect to the wifi of the Universe and ask for anything you want? What would you ask for if you knew that your greatest wishes would be granted? Many people believe that prosperity is mostly about material wealth. In this book full of magic and wisdom we will learn that true prosperity is a spiritual quality within the reach of any person and that it extends to all areas of life, not just external wealth.

Through seven keys, carefully unraveled by the author, and a series of very useful and powerful practical exercises, we will learn how to raise our vibration, remove all the obstacles that stand in our way and become the truly prosperous and happy people we are meant to be.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

Loving what we do is the secret to achieve great achievements in life, and for that it is necessary to know which is our passion and our genius. No one is good at everything, but everyone is great at doing something, because all of us have an especial gift that makes us unique. To discover and develop that something especial is the purpose of this book. Because to unfold all your potential and offer it to the world, first you need to know which type of genius are you. You need to know your “geniotipo”.

After ten years researching about human talent with experts of multiple disciplines, Tony Estruch presents the revolutionary theory of the geniustips, a self-knowledge tool made to mark a new era in the world of personal development. To find our geniustip, we must identify our innate abilities, and this book, with numerous practical examples, stories and quizzes, shows us all the keys to achieve it.  With this, we will learn to develop at its fullest our abilities and we will not only achieve with success our purpose in life in the personal and professional areas, but we will also be able to better understand our family, friends, and colleagues. With a simple, direct and inspirational style, Tony Estruch shows us that we do not need to do anything especial to become geniuses; just discover and feed what we already are.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 12 February 2021

Ni me explico ni me entiendes is an enjoyable, practical, and useful book on a fascinating subject: human communication. Communicating ideas and feelings is so inherent to people that we often take it for granted. But if we look around us carefully, we will soon realize that most of the everyday problems of individuals, groups, organizations and states are related to communication.

Xavier Guix’s book helps us to delve into the labyrinths of communication, especially the obstacles that arise in our daily lives. Guix offers practical solutions to prevent these obstacles from isolating us, thus avoiding interference and misunderstandings.

La magia de Japón

Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 5 October 2020

Héctor García (Kirai) has been living in Japan for more than fifteen years. When he arrived, he felt the cultural shock compared to the Spanish culture. Fifteen years later, he is one more tokiota. During this time, Héctor has written many books explaining his Japanese experience and the question he has asked himself the most is: “what is what makes you stay in Japan?” So, this book is the answer to that question.

Héctor García (Ikigai, A Geek in Japan) explores in “La magia de Japón” the key aspects that have sculpted the Japanese mentality, philosophy and ways of life in this precious book illustrated by the author’s beautiful photographs. An essential tour for all that makes the country of the rising sun unique.

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