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A Single Woman’s Survival Handbook

Author: Bruno Friday 12 January 2024

The perfect manual you need to survive in the jungle of love and dating.

What if, after ten years of dating, your boyfriend sends you out to knead mud during a romantic dinner? Tragedy strikes the day before New Year’s Eve. Between tears, grapes and chimes, the friends of our protagonist spur her on with a challenge: “You have 365 days to find a partner”. And she accepts. Going through all the stages of grief after a traumatic breakup, she will link possible candidates in hilarious anecdotes, all inspired by real events.

A Single Woman’s Survival Handbook is a feminist and feminist comedy about what it means to be a single woman today. Finding a “normal” partner can become a risky sport. A tragicomic vision of the world of dating, sentimental relationships and the curious characters (men and women) that we can find in the love jungle of the 21st century.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 4 May 2021

Before he died, Magda, Thomas’s wife, was planning a trip to Vladivostok with him. Two years later, Tomás tries to find meaning in his daily life as a widower and retiree: reads the books that she left him, cycles the hills of his neighborhood, and meets his best friend, who insists on finding him a new partner. But that summer will change completely with the arrival of a new neighbor and her son, causing Tomás to rethink what to do with the last years of his life.

With a brutally honest tone, Lluís Oliván pictures a bittersweet old age and a life full of contradictions and moments of vitality, and shows us that as long as we keep walking our way, we can affirm that we are still alive.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 29 January 2021

A novel about happiness and second chances.

From the moment they meet, Elena and Armand will want to free themselves from everything that traps them and regain the joy that we are only capable of feeling when we experience the present moment. In the process, they will realise that they have the right to change and to see the world differently from the way they have seen it for years, to love themselves and to give themselves the freedom to live fully.

Tandem is a story about happiness, not the one that promises us a wonderful journey, nor the one we feel when we hear “I love you”, but the one that encourages us to cycle with others and to enjoy the landscape.

A delightful novel that explores the human capacity and invites us to abandon routine, rethink our own life, savour it and let ourselves be carried away by its nuances.

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