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MBA sin Maestros (MBA with no teachers)

Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 18 September 2018

An irony about the indisputable truths that business schools teach, a book that destroys the myths surrounding the MBA education. El MBA sin maestros is not an attack to these business schools but the author suggest alternatives and states that people do not need to acquire more knowledge but to know how to apply them. This book is addressed to those who have already studied an MBA or are considering starting one.



Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

How guilty are the business schools of the current crisis?

 ” The schools need a deep reflection on his mission, contribution and identity. ” Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard's University

 ” Juanma Roca penetrates with this book into the crucial paper of the business schools into company. It does it from a critical, biting, incisive perspective, but with a proposal purpose. At the back of the debate there lies what I formulate as the fundamental dilemma: the business schools are to 'reproduce” the dominant business culture or to challenge and improve it. And, like that, to obtain an improvement of the culture and managerial practices that reach more to the set of the company. ” Carlos Losada, general manager of ESADE

” I am charmed with the title of the book! That one is the question. The economic world crisis has not been caused only by the MBA or by the business schools, but these have failed. ” Max Anderson, impeller of the Hippocratic oath of the MBA

 ” The act of contrition of the business schools seems to be small in comparison with the magnitude of the offense. To reduce the distrust of the people, the schools need to show that they value what the company is valued ” Joel Podolny, dean of the corporate university of Apple and ex-dean of the Yale School of Management


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Nothing will be as it was after the social nets. The Internet has brought a quantum leap to social relationships. Day by day, the life of a great amount of people can’t be understood without Google, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs and other technological tools that have create an unstoppable process. Both Facebook and Twitter are worldwide social networks, but, at the same time there is another network, a professional one: LinkedIn.

In this book, Juanma Roca analyzes the revolution that has supposed this professional network, not only as a browser of information and selection for the head-hunters, but also as a way to let the others know our business, our professional qualities… In this new era, business can’t be out of the Net and Juanma Roca tries to show how it works and how it helps professionals.

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