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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Uma has already quit her job and her husband, a man who had stolen the joy for life from her. She abandons her city following a secret mission, riding the only thing she owns: an old Vespa inherited from her father. In her journey she intends to revive her heart while inquiring into the secrets of love. From Barcelona to Paris, with each kilometre and each teaching, she will leave her past behind. What Uma does not know is that at the end of this road trip full of wise advices, surprises and revelations, a great test is awaiting her, a second chance to be in love again.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

The antidote against unhappiness

Because we are humans, our soul –that principle of life that holds and moves us- suffers shortages that often entail experiencing frustrations and uneasiness. But, because we are humans, we can transcend our weakness if we are able to find in ourselves the right tools as those offered in this book.

This is a “per-verse” book. First of all, because it is weaved with beautiful verses that reach and enfold the soul. And also because one of the meanings of perverse is “to change the order and the natural state of things”, and what is all about is to find a new way of looking, a perspective that would allow us to detect what is hurting the soul in order to heal it carefully.

The sensibility and the creative eloquence of Yolanda Sáenz de Tejada, considered by many to be currently the best poetess of Spain, and the knowledge and experience of Juan Carlos Cubeiro, considered the best Spanish coach and talent and leadership expert, go hand by hand to guide us through this stimulating path of self-improvement.   


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Life seems somewhat easy, even at times simply inevitable. But knowing how to live intensely and enjoying good times, but also learning to embrace adversity, is an art. This book contains words of great writers who throughout history have given tools to dominate life. Aphorisms, by many different authors, at times ironic or caustics, that have two things in common: they are born of honesty and they show us many times that one sentence is able to open the door to a different perception, helping us to live.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

“I’m told often that I don’t look like a Moroccan, as if they were paying me a compliment. “Why do you get angry, boy, if all I wanted was to cheer up your day?” an old lady said to me once. During my teenage, what really bothered me was, on one hand, the constant pointing at the stigmatizing difference and, on the other, the attempt to reward me with a born natural European costume or, even better, an almost-European costume”.

Saïd El Kadaoui was born in Morocco in 1975 and lives in Catalonia since he was seven years old. Now he is writing to his son Elies these letters full of tenderness, irony and humor, but above all full of intelligence and critical spirit. A brave and new approach to migration, the relationship between us and the others, the personal identity and the feeling of belonging to one culture or more.      

“What is the scariest thing of a person who is different is not that difference, but all the similarities held with us. Recognize them would mean that today you are the stranger, but tomorrow it could be me”.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

Selonsville, 1946. The harshness of a long and cold winter seems not to abandon a city still recovering from the war’s wounds. In an orphanage, Michel and Eri, inseparable friends, are gazing at the night sky from the roof. None of them knows that the next morning Eri will not wake up. She will get into a deep comma, the doctors being unable to find a solution for her to come back to life. Only Michel will be able to change his friend’s destiny, guided by an old woman’s advice. The boy will have to find nine people, and make out a heart with pieces of clothes from each of them. In order to make this heart beat, he will need to find the secret of endless love, which hides right down the bottom of his heart.

Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles offer us with A Heart Full of Stars a cozy story full of hope. An invitation to make the most sublime and powerful inside of us to come to light. A unique book that teaches how to fly to the confines of the universe, where light and love can conquer all by travelling to the different dimensions of the heart. Welcome to the most beautiful adventure in the world: love.

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