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El refugiat (The refugee)

Author: Bruno Wednesday 6 March 2024

An endearing ilustrated book about the irreparable consequences of human behaviour

One Sunday afternoon, the dark brown squirrel rested on the branch of the tree where he lived. From afar he heard the voices of men and women who had cooked grilled meat. Suddenly, in the forest there is more light and it is hotter than usual, and the squirrel realizes that the flames begin to invade his home. Frightened, she flees by jumping from tree to tree until he reaches an unknown area of the forest, far from her home, where she will get settled and earn the trust of the other squirrels, who despise him for coming from a different place.

El país de los espejos – Land of Mirrors

Author: Bruno Saturday 13 January 2024

Toni loves to explore and wants to enter the fascinating Land of Mirrors. At the door he meets a guardian who asks him a question, apparently easy, to which he has to answer before passing: Who are you?

Toni thinks it is a very easy question and answers without any problems, but his answer does not seem to satisfy the guardian. Toni searches for new answers, though none seem to be the key that will let him in.

The guardian lets him pass because perhaps in the Land of Mirrors he will find the answer. And there, in the reflection of each mirror is where Toni realizes that depending on the situation in which he finds himself, he can be one way or another, because each reflection is different: a clown, a grumpy bear, a dreamer, a hero, a scared dog…

So he realizes that in reality the question would be: Who am I?

Dare to enter with him in the Land of Mirrors and discover who are you?

¿Por qué estás triste, Casilda? Un cuento para potenciar la autoestima

Author: Bruno Wednesday 25 October 2023

A story for children and parents to boost self-esteem.

When Claudia tells Casilda that she doesn’t like her new sneakers, Casilda is a little sad. She thinks highly of her friend’s opinion, and wants her friend to like her. Fortunately, her parents will help and encourage Casilda to reflect and appreciate the extent to which we need the opinions of others to love ourselves.

Un tesoro lleno de palabras (A TREASURE FULL OF WORDS)

Author: Bruno Monday 9 October 2023

A journey to develop poetry with creativity, games, inspiration and lots of hugs!

A fantastic effort to encourage the little ones to create their own poems, by awakening their imagination and creativity, alone or in family, while having tones of fun!


Author: Bruno Thursday 9 March 2023

Jack is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with his father in what’s left of the old River Zoo, a small town that owes its best years to the adventures of Archibald Trotterworld. Jack’s mother died when he was born so he has always been alone with his father. Alone? No, not alone, surrounded by the remaining animals at the zoo.
One day, Jack realizes he can understand the toothless Lion. “Sure I can talk to you,” the Lion tells him. He’s been listening to humans all his life, sooner or later he was going to learn the language, wasn’t he. But the old town of River is no longer – not nearly – what it had been. Old Archibald had died and in his place had come a rich and ruthless man, Brick Mattone, who has no interest in preserving Archibald’s legacy.

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