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Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 2 November 2021

35 stories to empower and overcome adversities.

As builders of future, children and adults have a great power in our hands, but also a great responsibility, like superheroes. To shape our life and the new world that awaits it is necessary awake the courage that comes from the self-knowledge of one’s strengths.

To do so, this new anthology of books works the resilience – the art of navigate through difficulties -, the creative thinking and the nurturing of healthy relationships, among many other concepts that help us to have courage. 35 inspiring stories, with their respective reflections, to outdo ourselves day by day in this passionate adventure that is life.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 10 September 2021

Mimí’s socks have a lot of holes, and her mother accompanies her to buy new ones. She chooses one with a centipede drawing… What she doesn’t know is that they are magic socks that will allow her to put herself in her loved ones shoes thanks to the children’s game of putting other people’s shoes on.  What will Mimí discover about the feelings of the others around her and, even her own, thanks to the magic socks?

“Empathy is the invisible thread that connects us as people. Empathy is seeing the world with other people’s eyes, without being you, but being the other person.  Empathy is a mirror.” Meritxell Garcia


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 7 September 2021

A beautiful metaphor about the war and the refugees.

«This story so peculiar is about the people who run away to find a home and a safe place. I started writing it in Lesbos, in 2019, and it is dedicated to its refugees, to my country, to the more vulnerable children and to all of the people who have to fight again and again to grow wings, be able to fly and find a nest». Nadia Ghulam

Little Bibí is a bird without wings that lives happy with her family in a country of wingless birds. One day, hundreds of different birds appear in the sky and life changes for all the wingless birds and their country.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 6 April 2021

Short stories, witty, fantastic, funny, to work on emotions. A simple and natural way to identify how we feel. Welcome to a book full of fantasy, imagination and stories. Pages full of emotions where the characters will live a lot of adventures.

But, most importantly, how do they feel about what is happening to them ? And you, how do you feel?

Cuentos para quererte mejor

Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 15 October 2018

[Tales to love yourself more]

Self-esteem is the most important tool to drive happily in this roller-coaster that life is. The 35 stories that the book includes teach us to develop this power from childhood by raising our creativity, humour, resilience, love and acceptance. This work, addressed to children from all ages, illustrates the keys to embrace the self-esteem in our own life by telling inspiring tales and thoughts, like a lighthouse that will allow girls and boys to grow confident, independent, respectful – with themselves and the others – that know how to love because they learnt to first love themselves.


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