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El botiquín de la bruja

Author: Bruno Tuesday 6 February 2024

After “Manual de Magia Moderna” and “Magia Lunar”, Keylah Missen offers us a manual of natural magic with potions, spells and rituals with plants. Folklore, legends and plants are magical. Witches, healers, shamans and priestesses use them to prepare their remedies, potions and rituals. Plants – with their linked souls and spirits – are complete organisms that are part of that whole in which we are included and, therefore, we are interconnected with them. Although modern medicine and its medicines come from the synthesized properties of plants, these are not pigeonholed into a single capacity, but have a complementary character capable of helping us in multiple situations, as a holistic whole. For this reason, this book is not a botanical dissertation, nor does it dive fully into the world of phytotherapy, but invites us to work from intuition and interconnection with common plants that most of us know, inviting us to explore our habitat and the vegetation of our personal universe.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 8 November 2022

Si la Luna condiciona las mareas, el clima moldea los rasgos del carácter y las estaciones se vinculan con diferentes estados de ánimo… ¿de qué manera los astros afectan a nuestra vida? 

La astrología es una disciplina con más de 4.000 años de historia conocida que investiga la influencia del cosmos sobre nosotros. Todos nacemos con una carta astral, un mapa que se puede leer como una poderosa herramienta que nos permite explorar quiénes somos, y también el ciclo que atravesamos. En estas páginas, Roberto L. Saula te ofrece las herramientas básicas para poder realizar la lectura de tu propia carta astral y encontrar en la astrología tu guía de orientación vital.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 2 November 2021

Lunar magic is as ancient as humanity. Since women looked to the sky and understood that its cycles where the same as those of the moon, they had a glimpse to the power and creative capacity that they had within their reach.

Keylah Missen, who seduced us with “Manual of modern magic”, comes back with a clear, simple and practice guide to get started in this magic of nature with effective rituals that will help us in our personal evolution.

Along the pages we will be able to learn meditations to Evoque the favour of our celestial sister; as well as the way to carry out the powerful moon baths that regenerate us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will discover how to use the lunar gems, that are catalysts par excellence and the animals tied to our night company and how to use their help will be revealed to us. In addition, we will learn rituals in Black Moon to carry out our own divinations. The Moon is magic and when we learn to channel its energy we are closer to ourselves, without confinements or labels: we are closer to our dreams.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 29 August 2017

A book about magic, understood as a dialogue between our essence and nature.
An accessible and practical manual to do spells.
It includes protection, prosperity and love rituals, as well as recipes to improve your health and boost natural beauty.

Welcome to the world of magic, where nothing is impossible. Since forever, human beings have used magic in order to boost health, abundance, beauty and prosperity. Magic is the means with which our subconscious comes into contact with the energy of the Earth and the universe so that the force conspires in our favor.
This book is not intended as a Grimoire, but as an accessible and practical manual that you can use whenever you need and to which you can add your own recipes. In it you will find the keys to make your own magic spells and tools; the secrets to awaken your inner essence and channel it to do your will; rituals of prosperity, protection and love; recipes to improve your health and enhance your natural beauty…
You will learn to say goodbye to those who follow their path and to find yours. You will discover how to live each day with the God in you.

Rituals and tips for the modern life. Because there’s nothing impossible, only improbable things

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