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Author: Bruno Tuesday 8 November 2022

If the Moon affects tides, the climate shapes the traits of character and the seasons are linked to different moods… how do the stars affect our lives?

Astrology is a discipline with more than 4,000 years of known history that investigates the influence of the cosmos on us. We are all born with an astral letter, a map that can be read as a powerful tool that allows us to explore who we are, and also the cycle we are going through. In these pages, Roberto L. Saula offers you the basic tools to be able to read your own astral letter and find in astrology your life guidance guide.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 29 August 2017

A book about magic, understood as a dialogue between our essence and nature.
An accessible and practical manual to do spells.
It includes protection, prosperity and love rituals, as well as recipes to improve your health and boost natural beauty.

Welcome to the world of magic, where nothing is impossible. Since forever, human beings have used magic in order to boost health, abundance, beauty and prosperity. Magic is the means with which our subconscious comes into contact with the energy of the Earth and the universe so that the force conspires in our favor.
This book is not intended as a Grimoire, but as an accessible and practical manual that you can use whenever you need and to which you can add your own recipes. In it you will find the keys to make your own magic spells and tools; the secrets to awaken your inner essence and channel it to do your will; rituals of prosperity, protection and love; recipes to improve your health and enhance your natural beauty…
You will learn to say goodbye to those who follow their path and to find yours. You will discover how to live each day with the God in you.

Rituals and tips for the modern life. Because there’s nothing impossible, only improbable things

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