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Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 1 March 2016

In the fifties punishing children, putting them in solitary confinement and abusing them was usual in the San Torbe orphanage. Antón promised himself he would go back as a man, knock down the brick walls that had caused him so much pain, and build a Fantasy; a home for everybody, no matter their condition, sexuality or inclinations.

Forty years later, all those kids, now men and women, are still in contact, but very few want to go back to the place that caused them so much pain. Antón isn’t willing to let them forget the good moments they lived there and the promise they made each other when they were kids, and that’s why he sends each one of them a letter. He wants to reunite them in the Fantasy.

It’s drama with a hint of eroticism that shows us that the love and desire can be born even from a brutality and repression isn’t always able to calm our more free and revolutionary side. Fantasy, The barbaric times introduces us to the different relationships in a group of young kids, in their forbidden loves, in a time that wasn’t theirs and they would never understand. Each one of them keeps a terrible memory but also experiences that go deeper than love and friendship.

Will Antón be able to unite all his friends? Will they keep the promise they made when they were kids? And most of all… What happened there and what changed them for the rest of their lives?


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 6 May 2015

Malenka Ramos is a prominent author in the romantic – erotic genre.

This is her new book after the success of the trilogy “Venganza”.

An exciting story of passions and secrets. After the death of his grandfather, Jonas Belanger returns to Garden Manor, the family home where he grew up. He swore he would never go back there, and for twenty years he kept his promise by working as a war correspondent all over the world. He doesn’t fear danger, but now he has a mission that takes him away from the battlefield, and puts him face to face with something more frightening: the ghosts of his past. Jonas wants to sell the mansion, but first he must take inventory of the valuable antiques it holds. To do that, he hires Daniela, a young restorer who he’s almost immediatly attracted to. With her, the game begins… though Garden Manor hides many secrets, and the nightmares become more and more intense. What happened in that place all those years ago? Where will this unsettling game take them?


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 5 December 2014

Venganza 3. Sin compasión is the third volume of the saga by Malenka Ramos

Years ago, Quimera was an orphanage where children experienced real torments. With the passage time, as grown men, those children built their own empires, and swore to themselves that their people would never go through thepainful experiments they were subjected to.

United in different families and clans, they don’t hesitate to help each other in professional and personal matters. Samara’s life with her beloved goes on. Everything seems wonderful, and sometimes nearly normal…. Nothing farther from the truth… Dominic has infringed the houses’s norms so she is not yet another slave, and that unleashes a conspiracy that leads the implacable, amoral and vindictive members of the Malbaseda clan back into their lives. Someone is weaving a spider web so thick and consistent that the darkness Dominic thought he had removed from his soul is reawakened.

In this new instalment suspense, pain and love return stronger than ever. Once again, nothing is what it seems.

Welcome again to the palace of frenzy! Welcome to Quimera!

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