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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 February 2022

By the author of Tantrums. Miriam Tirado is one of the main referents in the field of upbringing and conscient education and she dedicates her new book to one of the most important aspects, and as we know, more complicated for mothers and fathers: the limits, those red lines that protect the integrity of the little ones and allow them to share their life with others. How can conscient limits and agreed norms that provide structure and security for our children be sustained? How to avoid falling in the authoritarianism and arbitrariness or on the contrary in a lack of limits that lead the kids to be scared, insecurity or searching for validation at all costs? With the generosity that characterise her, Miriam Tirado shares her own doubts, learnings, challenges, and achievements in the way to loved and responsible limits. A deeply personal work that with empathy and humour accompanies us in the exploration of our own relationship with limits so that we are capable, with the help of various exercises and tools, to bring the children a coherent containment.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 25 February 2020

Every parent has to face them sometimes. They are the famous tantrums, capable of upsetting even the most conscientious and respectful mother or father. Tantrums bring out the worst in parents. This book is not intended to give lessons on how to stop tantrums. Rather, it allows us to view tantrums as a great opportunity for personal learning. From her own process as a mother of two daughters and being a professional in conscientious parenting, Miriam Tirado accompanies readers so that they can educate their children from another, more serene, considerate and pain-free place.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 26 April 2016

In the pages of this book, parents will discover what the first and wonderful days and months of their baby’s life are like, the most decisive period of parenting. The object of the authors is to scan the quick physical, emotional and intellectual changes of the little one, even though all those changes will also affect the adults, both individually and as a couple.

With this purpose, they’ve added the doctor’s and psychologist’s experiences in the Estivill Clinic to the opinions of international experts in pediatrics, psychology, teaching, neurology and many other scientific fields. In all, a practical and very clear guide that shows the steps of an extraordinary trip with realism and excitement.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 26 January 2016

Montse Domènech spills out her forty years of experience dealing with teens and children in this book, to offer parents a simple and practical method to face the issue of childhood fears. This book is addressed to all the families with children of any age.

Other than the disorder they produce in children and their families, childhood fears are a natural feeling that helps build up the human mind, since they help children develop their imagination, they learn how to face their problems and protect themselves from danger.

These fears can turn into a real disorder for parents. Either because they don’t know how to solve them or because they interfere with the families coexistence, this problem is one of the reasons why, more and more, parents are looking for professional assistance.

The vaccine against fear offers an essential, practical and simple method for those parents to understand their children’s fears and to help them get over them.  They have the solution to the most common fears in children and the ones Montse Domènech has treated during her professional career: night terror, nightmares, sleepwalking, fear of school, of swimming, of their parents separating, of burglars, doctors and many others.

Other than exploring these complicated states of mind, this book offers games and stories to read to the children before they go to bed, in order to turn this guide into an imagination “vaccine” that will keep the children’s fears away and will bring back their smile forever.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 13 February 2015

Niños descansados, niños felices is a practical guide to teach your children good habits at home, to go to bed happy and wake up well rested.

All parents and caregivers know that if children don’t rest well, they won’t be prepared to face the following day’s challenges: it will be hard for them to pay attention in class, they won’t enjoy the activities, and their lack of appetite may hinder the whole family. All children need their hours of rest, as well as routines and simple habits that satisfy their physical and emotional needs. They learn how to study, eat healthy food, perform hygiene practices, while we have to help them also relax before going to sleep, so they do it willingly. This is a practical and simple book that shows how the hours previous to sleeping time can be happier for everyone. And it teaches us that a child who keeps a few good habits and clear routines at home is a happier child — a child who goes to bed and gets up happy and eager to face the day. This book promises a more peaceful coexistence for the whole family.

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