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Author: Bruno Friday 4 November 2022

Why do some people save every penny and others waste without measure? Why do some generate money very easily and others survive day by day? Why do some plan their finances in detail and others simply improvise?

Nacho Mühlenberg, an expert on eneagrams and financial education, explains in this book how we relate to money according to our personality or eneatypes and helps us transform our fears, beliefs, conduct and desires in relation to it in order to achieve wealth in a practical way and to live the lifestyle that each one wants.

In nine simple and accessible steps, Dinerograma provides a roadmap to move from being an ignorant in finance to having economic control of our life.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

“A crow was standing on a branch of a tree the whole day without doing anything at all. A rabbit saw him and asked: “May I sit with you and do nothing all day long?” The crow answered: “Sure, why not?” So the rabbit sat on the ground, under the tree, and rested. Suddenly, a fox appeared, jumped over the rabbit… and ate him.”

This story, apparently for children, contains an important lesson to survive in a company: to be the whole day sitting down doing absolutely nothing… you got to be seated on the top! Fables are a valuable instrument to pass on important concepts to a work team, as well as to reflect individually on the attitudes that get us closer or push us away from success. Gabriel García de Oro has gathered in this anthology the fables used by the best business schools, with comments and significant examples from the business world.

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