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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

This book brings together the best dishes that the famous Catalan cooker Ada Parellada considers essential at Catalan mealtimes. A good escudella soup, a delicious veal-based fricandó stew or some crema catalana custard desserts must be part of our diet and so Ada gives us their recipes. For gourmets, she recommends the best restaurant for eating these meals. If you love good Catalan cuisine, this is your book.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 29 October 2014

Silvia is a journalist with a disorganized and stressed life, and is constantly putting on weight so her doctor recommends her to go to a health spa to enjoy its tranquility and good food. The doctor is right because Sílvia achieves her therapeutic goals and, besides, writes a chronicle as a personal diary, this book, telling her experience in the Teocrates Club. 12 cenas para sentirse mejor is a good book for those who want to shed a few kilos in a healthy way and keep on enjoying food. In this book, there is also useful information that Sílvia learned in the spa, specially a dietetics lessons. Because of that, 12 cenas para sentirse mejor is a practical and funny text which depicts the rhythm of life followed by many people who never practice sports, travel constantly and are addicted to restaurants. This way to live, typical in the big cities, our way, can gain quality if we take the advices of doctor Magda Carlas from time to time, and then we go to places where we are forced to be healthy, practice exercise, relax and, above all, to eat conveniently.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

If you have a bad day, if you think that the world does not understand you, if you do not have much money or you are on a diet, Capricis de Barcelona is your book. A fantastic guide that will discover you the indispensable edible cheap delights of Barcelona: a sinful chocolate ice cream, a glorious frozen truffles, a French chocolate cup or the best tapa of foie. None of these caprices will solve your problems, but they will show you that the essence of life is in small pleasures.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

A lot of persons, when they have to prepare a dinner for a group of people, go running to the closest shop to buy ready cooked food; or they make a sad dull selection of pâté and cheese. These kinds of things are common in individuals living alone: loneliness is a perfect excuse to eat badly and never turn on the stove. Because of that, Magda Carlas, nutritionist doctor, with Silvia’s help, has ventured to write this book with 12 dinners’ suggestions: for a night with the parents in law, for an unexpected visit, for a dinner with a depressed friend or to see the photos from the last trip with the kids. Besides, the author also recommends what type of wine or music is suitable for each occasion, the proper outfit and even how to set the table. Enjoy this yummy reading!


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Nowadays, everybody knows that eating is important. However, the complexity of modern life transforms a healthy diet almost in an impossible task. Problems such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or constipation are increasing and, without doubt, one of their main causes is wrong eating habits. Mostly, this is because of something really simple: lack of information regarding nutritionals subjects. This book offers rules, advices and easy resources to design a healthy diet: what to buy, how to plan a good menu or how to make dinner without turning on the stove. All this will help to rectify the lack of nutritional knowledge despite having a stressful life.

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