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Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Our most typical products and the tastiest recipes. Unique, fresh, exquisite and Catalan: from the land to the plate!

With Sa i català we will learn about the healthiest properties of our indigenous products: the secrets of their origins, natural habitats, and the hidden nooks where they can be found; their wonderful benefits for health; the most interesting and entertaining historical anecdotes; and the most surprising curiosities.

We will find out how to fill our baskets with the full variety of healthy and Catalan colors and smells delivered by our vegetables, such as the Figueres onion and the gorgeous eggplant; our fresh and dry fruits, like the apple from Lleida and the hazelnut from Reus; our legumes and rices, notably the ganxet bean and the rice grown in Pals; our meats and fish, such as the Penedès rooster and the Palamós shrimp.

Sa i català includes delightful recipes to prepare succulent and healthy meals with these so special products. From an artchoke cream or a popular pie with Riera peppers, to prawns with champaign or a veal fricandeau.

The legacy of Catalan culture and cuisine close at hand. A hundred grams of history and tradition, and two spoonfuls of curiosities. The table is served!


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Why do we cry when we chop an onion?

How can we know if an egg is fresh without cracking the shell?

Why does bread change its colour when we toast it?

The most common questions about food and cooking finally find their answers. Ada Parellada and Dani Jiménez have made a book full of curiosities, recipes, experiments, a lot of science and a good dressing of sense of humour; a book for all curious readers that want to discover the secrets hidden in the food.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wine is an essential part of our social and gastronomic culture. We should live and drink without complex, boldly. In this book you will find all the advice you need to select and taste the right wine for every occasion: a first date, a business dinner, a day-off, for love making, to get inspired, to impress your father in law, to watch a movie…

“We are what we eat”, said Josep Pla. “And what we drink as well”, Meritxell Falgueras dares to add. This is why she will recommend wines that you will surely enjoy, help you discover your interests in the world of wine, provide you with a bit of theory and lots of practice… because she is the “cicerone” who will take you into a world made of sensations, culture, discoveries, passion, vines, flavours and pleasures. To taste every moment with higher spirits!

A wine’s guide that is bound to become also an inspiration for your life!


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

501 tradicional Catalan recipes to enjoy in your kitchen the flavors of our every day meals: main dishes, snacks and desserts.


Author: Wednesday 29 October 2014

At the age of twenty-five, Ada Parellada opened the Semproniana with his husband, Santi Alegre, and her friend Joan Pluvinet.

New casseroles, illusion, a lot of work and a pinch of unconsciousness have been converted into a way of life throughout this twenty years.

They celebrate it with a selection of  recipes: the first plates that they cooked in the restaurant, the favorite ones, the riskiest, the most traditional and the sweetest.

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