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Juego de sombras

Author: Bruno Tuesday 2 April 2024

Ane Armentia, investigative journalist and scourge of unscrupulous politicians and businessmen, leaves her home to meet Mario Laredo, the investigating judge in the Alondra case, a network of political corruption, but before she passes the doorway, an unknown assailant stabs her to death.
For the police it is nothing more than a robbery with violence, but Judge Laredo knows exactly what the assailant was after: the information that Armentia had been gathering and which threatens to destroy the foundations of the Catalan business fabric.
The shrewdness of the prosecutor Virginia Gibert will help Laredo to untangle a spider’s web that becomes more complicated as the investigation progresses, because there are too many people interested in keeping the truth in the shadows.
A duel of forces in which power, ambition, love and sexual attraction are at the centre of a judicial intrigue with a disturbing rhythm.

Tu voz invisible (Your Invisible Voice)

Author: Bruno Wednesday 27 March 2024

In a hauntingly familiar country, Argentine reporter Clara Guinzburg returns to Spain to interview a famous writer. However, it will be a first step to uncover the brutal truth hidden in her childhood, and behind her mother’s death 30 years earlier

Argentine journalist Clara Guinzburg returns to Spain to interview Nora Rizzo, an internationally successful writer, although her journey is overshadowed by the discovery of a family secret that is the perfect script for the novel she dreams of writing.

Her mother, who died 30 years ago when she was barely three years old, left an enigmatic folder that the journalist discovers by chance where she had lived as a child: In the summer of 1988 her mother had a romantic relationship with a man who would end her daughter’s life before committing suicide. Clara is not only surprised by this revelation, but also that her mother died shortly after that crime in the same Valencian town where that tragedy happened.

Clara Guinzburg wants to fit the puzzle of an unknown past and, at the same time, write her first novel. However, his attempt to reveal that enigma will open Pandora’s box: someone is not willing to return that past with all its silences.


Author: Bruno Friday 13 January 2023

Rumours have it that Son Banya, the village where the drug is sold on the island of Mallorca, the Roma who run the clan have a painting that is worth a mortar. A bunch of collectors think if they steal it they’ll solve their pasta problems.

What the poor poor don’t know is that getting into a drug supermarket is dangerous when you play quinquis. Will they have the fate of the unconscious?

Years later, life seemingly quiet in the summer months of the Majorcan press is disturbed by the appearance of several corpses on the island infested with tourists. The day-to-day chronicle in one of Majorca’s newspapers will show this escalation of violence and the interests behind it.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 30 December 2021

Catalunya in the middle of a cold wave, Pascal Neige must find out who has killed Michel Aubriot, one of the last survivors of the Lyonnaise mafia that his father run and now he does with her sisters and lover. At the same time, he must control that all of those who cultivate marijuana in the country pay their fee. Pascal is going to live a crazy week if he wants to keep the smile of the cheetahs.

After “The land of twilight”, “Where the grass never grows” and “The empire of the lions” (the later winner of the Valencia Negra prize as the best Catalan novel), Sebastià Bennasar comes back to the collection «» and offers a new story of the Neige family and its criminal gang. An addictive, violent, sexual novel that mixes with efficiency the brutality of the series like Gangs of London with the best literary tradition of the noir genre in our country.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 30 December 2021

Con Catalunya en medio de una ola de frío, Pascal Neige tiene que averiguar quien ha matado a Michel Aubriot, uno de los últimos supervivientes de la mafia lionesa que dirigía su padre i que ahora lidera él con sus hermanas y su amante. A la vez, tiene que controlar que todos aquellos que conrean marihuana en el país paguen su tributo. A Pascal le espera una semana de locos si quiere continuar manteniendo la sonrisa de los guepardos.

Después de “El país de los crepúsculos”, “Donde nunca crece la hierba” y “El imperio de los leones” (esta última ganadora del premio Valencia Negra a la mejor novela en catalán), Sebastià Bennasar vuelve a la colección «» y nos ofrece una nueva historia de la familia Neige y su banda criminal. Una novela adictiva, violenta, sexual, que consigue mezclar con eficacia la brutalidad de series como Gangs of London con la mejor tradición literaria del género negro en nuestro país.

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