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Author: Bruno Thursday 15 December 2022

A novel that will be like a laughing epidemic.

For days, an epidemic of bursades in the ass frightened not only Santa Frumencia College, but the entire neighborhood. The case would not have been so serious and so complicated if Lixin had not been so discreet and polite. Or if Rita hadn’t been so timid. Or if Petunia hadn’t been so fachenda. Or if Ton wasn’t that beast…

Lucky that Ivet and his friends did not lose their ass and set out to find out the truth of the mysterious and terrible case of the abhorrent Pinchaculos.

A wave of bursades in her ass and a group of friends willing to stop her.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

Nel is a small cloud born in mid-April. He will soon discover that plants, trees, rivers and humans need the water that Nel and the other clouds have stored in the belly. Soon Nel will go to school to learn how to rain, where he will be friends with the shaf, and he will also live adventures in the immensity of heaven, where he will meet Bela, a special cloud with whom he will share adventures around the world.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 30 September 2019

(around the world in 365 stories)

Short and very short stories, witty, fantastic, funny. One for each day of the year, one surprise a day!

365 stories where you will read about flowers that learn to fly, selfish fishermen, ferocious wolves and upside-down castles.

In them they will visit a strange place called Nowhere, you will laugh with the dirty tricks of the chicken named Pillo and you will know the bad mood of the genius Malgenio…

Welcome to a year full of fantasy, imagination and stories where, yes, every day counts. And story by story we will turn a whole year around.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 1 February 2019

(The socks’ riot)

Where do missing socks go? Martina, together with her friends Oleg and Isa, decided to solve the mystery, and they travel through the washing machine to a new world: Gelàndia, a very cold planet. The residents have only one leg and they are connected to the Earth by some magical drawers.

A book by Sebastià Bennasar and Ricard Zaplana.


Cuentos para quererte mejor

Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 15 October 2018

[Tales to love yourself more]

Self-esteem is the most important tool to drive happily in this roller-coaster that life is. The 35 stories that the book includes teach us to develop this power from childhood by raising our creativity, humour, resilience, love and acceptance. This work, addressed to children from all ages, illustrates the keys to embrace the self-esteem in our own life by telling inspiring tales and thoughts, like a lighthouse that will allow girls and boys to grow confident, independent, respectful – with themselves and the others – that know how to love because they learnt to first love themselves.


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